About Me

About Me

My Story

I started my design career in Christchurch, New Zealand where I studied Website Design and Development at Yoobee School of Design. 

Freelance Creative

People commonly ask me why I don’t work full-time in an Agency. My answer to that is I like the creative freedom freelancing gives me to innovate and discover new ways of doing things. Doing freelance allows me to discover new technologies and implement new ideas which would otherwise be restricted in an Agency.

Affordable Web Design

With the tools now at our disposal, it no longer costs an arm and leg to get your business online. Most of the websites I make for my clients cost a fraction of what they would’ve 10 years ago. 

My Process

1. Planning

We’ll sit down for a coffee (in person or virtually) and bounce ideas. We discuss what you need and the best way forward for your business. The aim is for me to get a clear picture of the project so I am able to deliver a website that we are both happy with.  

2. Design

After I have a clear picture of what you want, I’ll start designing the website. This includes mockups of every page and mockups of how they will look on tablet and mobile. 

I will then send the mockups to you to get feedback. 

3. Development

After the approval of the design I will begin work on developing the website. This is the longest process as all of my websites are completely unique, no templates are used.

There will be a mid-development check in where you will get the opportunity to see the development progress. 

4. Hand-in

After I have developed the website I will present it to you and make any further changes required. 

This is also the time where I do SEO work and setup Google Analytics. 

Your website will then be ready to go live!

Software I Use


Because I have less overheads I can offer you the same service for less money. Most of my websites usually start at around $3000 but every website is different and has different requirements. Get in touch for a chat and I can give you a more accurate estimate of the price. 

Yes. As part of the hand-in process I will give you a login to the WordPress backend which will allow you to edit the website. With Elementor it is very simple for you, the client, to make changes to your website. A big reason I advocate for it and use it in every build. 

Most websites take around 3 months. However, every website is different and it is dependant on the brief. The full timeline will be outlined in the proposal. 

You do. The website is entirely your property and it is your choice where you host it. 

Where you host the website is up to you. I offer extremely fast, Cloud based hosting which is an optional add-on in the proposal.